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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis


Hi Dear Friend,

welcome on my website. You are truly welcome at Laluna Academy – Academy for Personal and Spiritual Growth.

I am a founder of Laluna Academy (more about me further down) and I am a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist, A healer, counselor, Angel teacher and Transform your life teacher with Diana Cooper School of White Light, and Professional Relaxation Therapist. I also have successfully finished training Inherited Family Trauma with Mark Wolynn.



I primary work with people with this unique and successful method – Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. I find it the most effective and fast method for inner healing and personal&spiritual growth.

What is THI? Transpersonal hypnotherapy is a form of therapeutic work. In THI sessions we address and resolve fears, traumas, emotional blockages and limiting beliefs, disfunctional family patterns, as well as unpleasant memories from childhood which still cause us problems. Sessions are run in a pleasant, safe and relaxed environment where you can address the subconscious (and traumas, fears, limiting beliefs and emotional blockages etc. that are stored there) in such a way that they are eventually transformed.  As we address and transform limiting subconscious pattrens we step by step  achieve the desired inner harmony, peace, well-being, success, better relationships and grow as a person. The improvment of overall quality of life can be achived through THI sessions.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy was created as an natural extension of transpersonal psychology (which consists of four components: psychoanalytic, behavioral, humanistic and transpersonal psychology). It is internationally recognized method that has been here as a therapeutic tool for a long time. It is also a successful method.


for healing of emotional wounds from childhood or the past, for resloving traumas and fears, for releasing emotional blockages and transforming disfunctional emotional and mental patterns, for working with phobias and calmin anxiety, for healthy weight loss, for overcoming addictions, for treating (mild) depression and anxiety, to strengthen self-confidence and self – esteem, for goal setting and achiving, for stress management, as a effective help in overcoming fears, worries before exams, projects, performances etc. to improve the quality of life and relationships, for managing stress and achieving well-being, for personal and spiritual growth …


FREE ONLINE TALK (introduction)

Apply for a free online chat where we will meet in a relaxed environment, talk and assess the nature of issues and what can be done for you. Free online talk is non-binding. After talk, if  you decide to enter the proccess we will set the number of sessions, frequency, duration and price range (payments in installments are possible). The free conversation takes place online.

APLLY HERE FOR FREE ONLINE TALK: info@mojcakoprivnikar.si OR lalunaangelacademy@gmail.com

All Sessions are held ONLINE.

I gained certificate at well recognized Institute for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, USA (doing trainings since 1990).

PRICES (prices are fix for international clients and are in EUR): 

Transpersonal Hynotherapy (1,5 to 2 hours) 85 eur

Hypnosis (max 1,5 hours) 70 eur


Free your Inner Child Healing (1,5 hours) 75 eur

Inner Child&Inner Parents Healing (1,5 hours) 75 eur

Inherited Family Trauma sessions + with THI (1,5 do 2 hours) 90 eur

Angel Healing Sessions (from Diana Cooper School of White Light) 70 eur


Transform Your Life program for personal and spiritual growth (from Diana Cooper School of White Light)

Everything we experience in life is a gift for learning. When we understand, accept and work with this “gift” we can let go of conflict and struggle and start living in love, light and harmony. Through this program you can transform your beliefs, emotional and mind patterns that no longer serve you and start living your true self. With this programme you will dive into your inner child & inner parents, relationships, emotions and thought processes, your relationship with your physical body, spiritual laws and how to apply them in your life and of course your soul purpose in this lifetime. I offer 3-day, one-month, three-month, six-month and yearly programs.

BEFORE YOU START: Methods listed here are not suitable for people with personality disorders or other mental disorders. They don t replace treatment and psychotherapeutic work – by entering the process, the individual is fully aware of this fact and accepts this responsibility when deciding to enter the process.

E – mail: lalunaangelacademy@gmail.com OR info@mojcakoprivnikar.si

Tel. nr.: +386 51 305 224

I am Mojca Koprivnikar, from sLOVEnia, and I am the founder of Laluna Academy. In the past I worked for many years as a journalist. I mainly covered topics such as health, medicine, alternative medicine, healing, interpersonal relationships and psychological topics. I collaborated with many recognized experts in the field.

I have been working on my personal development for more than 15 years now. In all this years I have discovered that my soul has chosen lessons and soul agreements that intensely and persistantly lead me through personal and spiritual growth and development. Eventually to the point now when Im here to help others on their spiritual and life path. That nature of my soul and life lessons was very hard to resolve. Issues (unresolved emotions, traumas, fears etc.) were burried deep inside and my life, for many years, looked perfectly fine on the outside (of course) but inside I was struggling. My life was acctually complete opposite of what I wish it to be. So I really needed to go very deep to find what is actually going on a subconscious level. So I eventually need to transform my life completely (all relationships, mental and emotional patterns). With years of intense work, knowledge and wisdom have been born…


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