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A healer, counselor, Angel teacher and Transform your life teacher with Diana Cooper School of White Light, also Eternal Light Healer ® and Professional Relaxation Therapist. I have successfully finished training Inherited Family Trauma with Mark Wolynn.

In the past I worked for many years as a journalist. I mainly covered topics such as health, medicine, alternative medicine, healing, interpersonal relationships and psychological topics. I collaborated with many recognized experts in the field.

I have been working on my personal development for more than 15 years now. In all this years I have discovered that my soul has chosen lessons and soul agreements that intensely and persistantly lead me through personal and spiritual growth and development. Eventually to the point now when Im here to help others on their spiritual and life path. That nature of my lessons was very hard to resolve. Issues were very subtle which means my life looked perfectly fine on the outside but inside I was struggling and my life was just complete and total opposite of what I wished it in my heart to be. So I really needed to go very deep to find what is actually going on a subconscious level. So I eventually need to transform my life completely (all relationships, mental and emotional patterns). With years of intense work, knowledge and wisdom have been born.

I have begun to work with angels and this was a key shift that occurred in the process of transformation. For it was working with angels that offered me a wider picture of life. Working with angels on a daily and regular basis brought me to the point where I realized I could help others with angels and also with wisdom I have gained through my own processes of transformation. This lead me to Diana Cooper School of White Light, where I completed my “schooling” and became an angel teacher at the Diana Cooper School of White Light, and later on a Transform Your Life teacher.

How can you work with me?

Angel Healing Sessions and Angel Readings

With this magical and inspirational Angel Healing Sessions you can connect with angels, archangels and other beings of light. Angels will empower you and open a door to sacred mysteries of the Universe for you. You will have wider access to your own inner power, you will easily raise your vibration and connect with your soul. With this process you will be in contact with your intuition and angels will support you on your own life path. Angels can help you dissolve lower vibrations into higher and help you discover your life mission.

SESSIONS Available

– Individual angel healing sessions — 5D process with Angels — sessions are channeled uniquely for you
– Meet your Guardian Angel
– How to connect with Angels and receive their messages?
– 5D light codes with Archangel Metatron
– Clearing and Heart Cakra with Archangel Chamuel
– Finding your Life purpose with Angels
– Accessing your Inner Strength with Archangel Michael
– 12. chakra activation with Archangels
– Connecting with Divine Feminine aspects of Archangels

Transform Your Life program for personal and spiritual growth

Everything we experience in life is a gift for learning. When we understand, accept and work with this “gift” we can let go of conflict and struggle and start living in love, light and harmony. Through this program you can transform your beliefs, emotional and mind patterns that no longer serve you and start living your true self. With this programme you will dive into your inner child & inner parents, relationships, emotions and thought processes, your relationship with your physical body, spiritual laws and how to apply them in your life and of course your soul purpose in this lifetime. I offer 3-day, one-month, three-month, six-month and yearly programs.


“You’re the one your ancestors have been waiting for.” Deep inner transformational work. What if we inherit more from our ancestors than just physical appearance? We are intensely influenced by at least 3 previous generations. You could say that in our depression, anxiety, distress, relationship problems, and so on live our ancestors.

So the good news is that we can end all this. The first step is to connect the lost particles and resolve the emotions and patterns. With the right exercises and tools, we then start creating a new story and finally live our life the way we want it to. Modern genetics also proves that unresolved traumas, abuses and various fears, unexpressed pains, taboos, secrets, anxieties, and family emotional-mental patterns are passed down from generation to generation, from generation to generation. Unresolved things “float” in space and time. Until someone is born and decides to resolve the inherited painful and hidden themes and release the family line of energy weights.
But our ancestors also gave us priceless gifts Do you feel the time has come to break family patterns and discover priceless gifts? You are invited into the program of individual therapeutic work – inherited family trauma.

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